Scent Description

Amber Romance
Sensual, seductive, alluring blend of smoky black cherry, Creme Anglaise, and sandalwood, with a smooth dry down of warming, sensual amber and an Egyptian Musk end note. The slightest hint of vanilla bean anchors the musk note to soften the impact and entice you to take another sniff!
Asian Pear & Lily
top notes of Nashi Pear, Apple, and Leafy Greenery; followed by middle notes of Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Rose Petals; all sitting on base notes of Pear Nectar, Musk, and Peony Blossoms.
Lemongrass and clove are blended with lavender in this botanical inspired blend. Rich woods lead to the base layers of musk for lingering softness.
Baby powder
reminiscent of Johnson's Baby powder scent.
Bahama Fizz
Fresh sparkling citrus highlights this tropical blend of pineapple, papaya and mango as island inspired tones of sweet coconut add a blissful sensation to the blend. Sugared vanilla and clear musk completes the exotic sensation.
Beach Bum
combining juicy mandarin, sand jasmine, and refreshing oceanic mist. Compare to Bobbi Brown Beach.
Birds of Paradise
begins with top notes of lemon, orange, and tuberose, followed by middle notes of birds of paradise, gardenia, rose, and honeysuckle; all sitting on base notes of magnolia leaves and jasmine.
Bite Me
Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance.
Black Coconut
Sunset in coconut, star anise, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility.
Blue Raspberry Slush
the aroma of ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice.
A delicious smell of Bazooka type bubble gum you chew at a baseball game.
Butt Naked
Take a warm tropical vacation with this sweet mixed fruity type with top notes of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple, middle notes of gardenia and pear, with a sugary vanilla base note.
A fragrance that captures the goodness of sweet, creamy, delicious butterscotch candy wrapped in bright golden foil.
Cantaloupe & Lily
This sweet and fresh fragrance is good all year!
Cherry Lemonade
Sparkling citrus is perfectly balanced with tangy cherry to create this summer beverage sensation. Sweet spun sugar completes the lively fragrance.
Coconut Cabana
Top Notes: coconut, apple, lemon, plantain Mid Notes: rose, jasmine, bamboo leaves Base Notes: vanilla bean, cocoa butter
Coconut Lime Verbana
A citrus bouquet of lime, kumquat, grapefruit, lemon, with a soft floral undertone of jasmine, on a background of musk and sandalwood.
Cotton Candy
Fabulous aroma of freshly spun cotton candy. A blend of fresh strawberry and French vanilla.
Country Apple
a very nice complex scent which begins with top notes of pineapple, jasmine, and tiger lily; strong middle notes of juicy McIntosh apples and tart granny smith apples; with a dry down of vanilla beans.
Cucumber & Melon
an aroma of sweet and sour cucumber and a deep green oily note with hints of violet, with a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon.
refreshing iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling.
Fresh Cut Grass
the wonderful fresh aroma of freshly cut green grass.
Fresh Cut Roses
Fresh cut roses fragrance oil is the truest fresh cut rose on the market
Fresh Lemonade
aroma of fresh squeezed lemonade
Fruit Loops
top notes of lemon rinds, lime, and grapefruit; middle notes of lemongrass, lily, and verbena; and base notes of vanilla sugar.
is a floral blend of gardenia and jasmine with a strong orange flavor bottom note.
Georgia Peach
Freshly sliced ripe and juicy Georgia peach
Grape Candy
Go gaga for the scent of ripe, juicy grape candy that will remind you of the sour grape candy enjoyed during childhood.
Japanese Cherry Blossom
A seductive and mysterious floral scent, inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan.
Jelly Bean
Wild cherry balances with ripe peach and tangy strawberry for the candy sensation at the fragrance heart. Hints of cinnamon boost the cherry, as a smooth combination of vanilla and musk creates sugary undertones.
Lavender & Lemon
opens with bright lemon and sweet orange. The citrus tones are lifted with eucalyptus as they lead to a classic lavender bouquet at the heart of the scent. Shimmering green accents create an intriguing freshness for the floral element. At the base of the scent orange blossom blends with a woody tone to support the garden character.
Lemon Meringue
All the flavor of a fresh baked lemon tart
Light Blue Men
is a refreshing blend of citrus notes which are combined with middle notes of bergamot, balsam, and anise with base notes of patchouli and vanilla.
Love Spell
composed of sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk. Imaginative and very complex!
Majestic Seas
A refreshing wave of soft petals, watery nuances and earthy tones is reminiscent of the majesty of the deep blue sea
Melon Ball
A juicy blend of ripe mango, papaya and watery melon.
The legendary mermaid surfaces with sparkling mandarin, juicy melon and a hint of apple. Her center is comprised of pineapple, coconut, violet and jasmine and in reaching to her depths you will discover driftwood, sprinkled sugar and white musk.
Midnight Vanilla
The darkness of midnight is captured in this inviting scent that has a warm amber base. Sugary vanilla adds a swetness to this scent that makes it extra cozy and addictive.
Monkey Farts
begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.
Oatmeal And Honey
A fantasy blend with light almond combined with wheat notes, vanilla and musk.
Peaches & Cream
Fresh picked peach with sweet smooth cream.
Perfect Man
begins with fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense.
Pineapple Cilantro
A modern blend of island pineapple brightened with freshly picked cilantro
Pineapple Whip
ripened fresh cut pineapples with an ozony green top note.
Pink Sugar
Sweet delectable cotton candy essence with hints of jasmine and musk.
Pink Watermelon
top notes of watermelon and strawberry; followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose, and green notes; sitting on base notes of cassis, oakmoss, white woods, and vanilla.
Rainbow Sherbet
The aroma of fresh lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry, with creamy base notes of vanilla. Mouth watering!
Raspberry Lemonade
Sweet raspberry blended with the crispness of lemonade makes for a wonder tangy mix.
Ruby Red Grapefruit
is a juicy, ruby red grapefruit aroma. Very true to its name!
Juicy fresh strawberries
Sugar Cookie
warm butter cookie, with a background of vanilla
Sun And Sand
ozony blend of florals and citrus, combining white flowers, bergamot, orange blossoms, ylang ylang, muguet lily, with a light musk base.
Sweet Pea
An English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes.
Sweet Tea
Bright notes of lemon and orange are intertwined with fresh tea leaves and sugar.
Tea and Cakes
Orange & almond tea cakes with a sip of steaming black tea!
Turkish Mocha
Take a walk through an exotic market! A spicy chocolate/coffee type with top notes of creamy maple butter, nutmeg, fresh orange. Middle notes of coconut, cocoa and sugary vanilla base.
Vanilla and Lavender
A well-rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests and patchouli